New Zealand Visitors

5 November. Still feels as though we are arriving. Snow on the mountains last night, a dusting, soon gone in the sun.

We are visited by our two stray sheep, who we call “the Shrecks.” They escaped from the flock last February, cleverly learning how to go through the fencing, and have grown fat with and overcoated on our grass all winter — also helping us with the mowing.

Later we are visited by two quail families, their babies not yet hatched. Looking forward to the little lines of young ones trailing behind. Our resident hawk,  however, monitors the skies, their inveterate enemy as the summer progresses and the babies number dwindle.

And yes, the Weka family is still here, too! Bold little kiwi-like natives. While I am working in the yard they march right past me

and into the garage, making a loud squawk when something they try to steal clatters onto the cement. I chase them out before they try to steal more shiny stuff.

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